upcoming My Favorite shows

June 17 @ Hemisphere at Underbelly
11 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

w/ Plans and Apologies (UK) and Strange Idols (UK)

June 18 @ the Rockparty Festival
Hultsfred, Sweden

w/ the Tears, Marilyn Manson, Snoop, Le Tigre, M.I.A., the Hives, the Bravery, Nine Inch Nails and more!!

New York
June 30 @ Rothko
116 Suffolk St (corner of Rivington)

more info TBA

Los Angeles
July 7 @ Siverlake Lounge
2906 Sunset Blvd (at Parkman Ave)

w/ Voxtrot, Old Haunts, Bipolar Bear

San Francisco
July 8 @ the Rickshaw Stop
part of the San Francisco Popfest

w/ Voxtrot, Scarlet's Well (Monochrome Set/UK)

more dates in California, Portland and Seattle are coming soon!
The Faves contribute 2 new tracks to the Intercontinental Pop Exchange
OUT NOW - IPX7 exclusively includes Phofo's remix of "Homeless Club Kids" and a brand new song, "How I Saved My Life" featuring an accordian and lyrics about a pirate ship! This edition of the Intercontinental Pop Exchange series is shared with Entre Rios from Argentina!
The Faves featured in Fugue Magazine on newsstands now!
A nice grainy old-school NME looking peice with some insightful writing by journalist Benjamin Hughes. The magazine is worth picking up with quite a few good bits and photos on contemporary art, fashion and culture. www.fuguemagazine.com
Debut UK 7" single released April 4
The long awaited domestic release of a UK single for "The Happiest Days of My Life" b/w "The Suburbs Are Killing Us" will be issued by Hungry Audio. Will the country whose music My Favorite has reinvented embrace their cousins across the pond? Only time will tell.
Vote for My Favorite's new video on independent-c.co.uk
please check it out and vote for it!
"Happiest Days" video on NY Noise
The new video for "The Happiest Days of My Life" has been airing on NY Noise, and they've also included the song on a great CD compilation of bands from NY! click here for showtimes
Michael's top40 albums of all time!
...I refused to put The Sex Pistols on because I wasn't in the mood even though if it did go one it probably would've gone first... oh and so many more... click here
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- by philip teir, finland
"Burning Hearts" featured on TED Airlines
My Favorite can be heard on the on-board radio of TED Airlines, a subsidiary of United Airlines. It's pretty hysterical to hear this polished narrator read a blurb about our cult heroes... click here to listen
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