The Last New Wave Record 7"
Swingset Records

"Go Kid Go"
"Absolute Beginners Again"

Our debut single, now out of print. A-side "Go Kid Go" appeared on the March Records comp Pop American Style, and the B-side "Absolute Beginners Again" appeared on a comp put out by the West Coast zine Zum. New versions are on our album Love at Absolute Zero.

Double Agent 001
4 band split 7"
Double Agent Records

"Cult Hero, Come Home"

"Cult Hero, Come Home" was the first song we did as My Favorite back when we started in 1992. It was only available on our self-released "Brighton Riot" tape of which there were only 100. I had mixed feelings when Peter asked us to put it out some 3 years later, but the more I thought about it, the happier I was to give one of those older songs a chance to be heard. Especially "Cult Hero" which is, listening to it now, a sort of memorial to lost friends, idols, and eras. 11/95 Michael Grace Jr.

Other bands featured are Rose Melberg (Softies) & Dustin Reske (Rocketship), Papas Fritas, and Zaius (Class).

The Informers and Us 7"
Harriet Records

"The Informers"
"The Detectives of Suburbia"
"The Informers Part 2"

7 inches of death-defying disco.

My Favorite perform Modulate 7"
A Turntable Friend Records
split w/ Boyracer


Our song is called "Modulate." Boyracer's is called "False Economy." Boyracer thought our track was crap. An improved version of "Modulate" appears on our album.

My Favorite vs Mad Planets 7"
Harriet Records
split w/ Mad Planets

"Working Class Jacket"

Our track is called "Working Class Jacket." Mad Planets' track is called "Yr. Version of Cool." The late Mad Planets were Long Island pop allies. Lead singer/bassist/songwriter Tara Emelye ( now plays solo and with a project called The Reverse ( which features our own todbot on drums!