We're All Pop Stars Underneath Our Sweaters

The Salon is our little digital backtable where we can share things we've been sent or come across with the rest of our stimulation starved generation. Web based art communites lack Stella Artois, pinball, and inappropriate touching. I suggest still supporting your local Cafe/Bar/Tabac. Until I secure the wealth to open of a chain of more degenerate "Le Gamin"-esque cafes, this will have to do. Contributions are welcome but included at the discretion of the curatorial staff.

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Jack Kennedy once said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" Michael was nearly moved to tears by the aesthetic activism of Reeve Hunter in Waco Texas...which has had it's share of tragically misguided martyrs as we all know...and couldn't help but hope this type of thing catches on. It was particularly interesting to him since as a youngster in art school, he was accepted into an MFA program based on graffiti work not too far in style or content from this. So bravo on two counts. Truly...a profile in courage. Viva La Favoristas!

This is the self described "red cassette", created by Malin Nordin. Aside from the spender of it's marxist color scheme... the cartoon of Ms. Vaughn is spectacular. Michael is said to be quite jealous as it has always been his dream to be the star of a piece of anime centered around the mysterious goings on at a suburban haberdashery.

Here are some recently received stencils by Matt Hickey, beautifully glum, which strike me as similar to shadows propelled out of a spray paint can. Your darkness is brighter...

Here are some delightful digital manifestos sent to us from Martin Christenson. Mr. Grace particularly likes the rainy storage units which one presumes hold the boxed up dreams of many souls under suburbanism. And any meditation upon love is alright in our books...

We got sent this by a Boston fan who caught us in Cambridge on 2/4/04. It is absolutely lovely and has Michael reaching for his notebook to turn it into a song...or at least a chapter of his young adult mystery novel. The key to walking through the woods at night is this...walk fast and don't look into the trees...or let them look into you....

Per Johansson resides in Stockholm, Sweden, and is known to the My Favorite crew as an "ond pingvin" (swedish for "evil penguin"). He dreams of somehow rising from his feeble, poverty-stricken existence and purchase an apartment that he could turn into the likeness of a 1920's parisian brothel. His summer will be spent in exile in the nordic woods, where he intends to delve into the conspiracy theories of Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum", the misanthropic music of Karl Blake, and re-watch some Kirsten Dunst movies.

Rachel Howe; A melancholy 24-year-old girl channeling the chaotic thoughts and desperate feelings of a teen-terror 16-year-old boy---they are dangerous alone, but deadly together.

You may know Peter Green as the founder of Double Agent Records, and the Charlie to our Angels. But he is also an amazing graphic designer (I mean look around you, he designed this site with Michael Grace), and a quirky photographer of all things obscure and sublime. He can often be found stroking a lovely cat in an almost Dr. Evil like fashion. But ironically he is the least evil person we know. Enjoy these pre-apocolyptic postcards... and visit doubleagentdesign.com

These two science-fiction lullabyes come from Cristian Subirà of Barcelona, Spain. I guess wandering amongst the sign in Spain is not that far removed from Long Island except the color of light seems to wander across the spectrum alongside you... really lovely...

Gold coast painter extrodinaire, Carol Kingston, used Michael Grace as the model for her "Everyman" series. Can you imagine? Lovely stuff.

This image is brought to you by the Associated Artists For Propaganda Research, an organization founded by one of Michael Grace's Long Island art school co-conspirators. Visit their site... it's architects vs. architecture!

In 2002 AAPR Projects finished its third and final lecture on the mass militarization of America. "The Stormtrooper Years" chronicles the brutalization of the restless and dissatisfied lower classes by a police force which supports the interests of the top 1% of society at the expense of the bottom 95%. This silent and steady move towards a complete corporate police state has, much like fascism, the ability to completely silence the dissident critics by making their presence in the mass media almost nonexistent. So much for free speech.

Here's a comic from Fave favorite, Dave Kiersh, whose melancholy drawings of suburban woe hit right in the gut. Plus they get kind of pervy, which everyone enjoys.

Taken from the excellent Swedish Zine The State I Am In, this image is of up-and-co indie saboteurs Homeless Club Kids. The Faves are immensely proud to have inspired their moniker...seek them out next time you are crawling the streets of Gothenburg.