The Kids Are All Wrong CDep
The Joan of Arc Tapes Vol.3
Double Agent Records, 2002 (limited to 1000)

· Burning Hearts
· The Radiation
· Rescue Us
· The Lesser Saints
"The Kids Are All Wrong" is the third of our blessed/cursed series of EPs vaguely haunted by Western History’s premiere teenage martyr. Its cover is graced by my bedroom mirror, rescued from a dusty corridor deep beneath Long Island University. The postcard placed upon it is Anna K. from Goddard’s "My Life to Live". All of this may or may not make sense to you while listening to the sub-orchestral post-nuclear anthem of love and resurrection that is "Burning Hearts," or the twinkly post-nuclear torch song that is "The Radiation" (destined for a Tony Bennet/K.D. Lang cover). Reverb and loathing rule on "Rescue Us” and "The Lesser Saints" is surely the first Catholic parable to feature the voice of a robot. All in all they are love songs despite the grey fall-out. Courage in the face of un-happy endings. Dancing at the Fin Du Monde.... Listen without prejudice.