Intercontinental Pop Exchange No.7
Endearing Records, 2005

· The Happiest Days of My Life
· How I Saved My Life lyrics
· Burning Hearts
· Homeless Club Kids (Phofo Remix)

IPX7 exclusively includes Phofo's remix of "Homeless Club Kids" and a brand new song, "How I Saved My Life" featuring an accordian and lyrics about a pirate ship! This edition of the Intercontinental Pop Exchange series is shared with Entre Rios from Argentina!

for more information visit: the IPX website

Auralgasms: The Beat of Dis-content
Auralgasms, 2004

· Le Monster

Compilation CD also includes Stars, Mark Gardener (Ride), Production Club (ft. Tanya Donelly), and more!

for more information visit: Auralgasms

Sonically Speaking Vol.14
Sonic Magazine (Sweden), 2003

· Burning Hearts

Free compilation CD included with Sonic Magazine (Sweden) in December 2003; also includes Belle & Sebastian, The Go! Team, Animal Collective, the Decemberists, and more!

NY: The Next Wave Compilation CD
Kanine Records, 2003

· My Life With The Living Dead lyrics

Compilation of hot NYC/Brooklyn bands; Aerial Love Feed, Awek, Bastion Blue, Inflatablemen, Mazing Vids Mommy and Daddy, My Favorite, Oxford Collapse, Rogerhumanbeing, Sea Ray, Shorebirds, Stellastarr*, and more

for more information visit: Kanine Records

I'd Spend My Day With You
Universal Records (Asia), 2002

· Between Cafes

"A collection of possible pop songs" also includes Trembling Blue Stars, Birdie, Club 8, the Fairways, and more!

Take Everything Very Seriously

Double Agent Records, 2001

· Le Monster
· Detectives of Suburbia lyrics
· Homeless Club Kids (Double Agent Remix)

Compilation of new bands, rarities and exclusive remixes from Double Agent, also includes The Telescopes, Papas Fritas, Kitch, Class, Unisex and more.

for more information visit: Double Agent Records

A Double Agent Compilation

Double Agent Records, 2000

· Absolute Zero
· Cult Hero, Come Home lyrics

Compilation of the best of Double Agent, also includes Class, Unisex, Rose Melberg, Push Kings, Metronome and more.

"There is no need to fear the future of music: Double Agent is giving heart to songs of the space age." Boston's Weekly Dig

for more information visit: Double Agent Records

Little Darla Has a Treat for You Vol.11
Darla Records, 1999

· You Belong With Us

Compilation also includes My Morning Jacket, Lilys, Flowchart, Holiday Flyer, Cat's Miaow, and more!

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Elefant Records (Spain), 1997

· Absolute Beginners Again

Compilation also includes Blueboy, Trembling Blue Stars, the Pastels, BMX Bandits, Allen Clapp, the Orchids, and more!

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DA1980CD: A Tribute to the 1980's
Double Agent Records, 1996

· Modern Love

A compilation of indie bands doing various top40 songs of the 1980's. Way out of print. The Faves contributed a version of David Bowie's "Modern Love" and Michael wrote the liner notes.

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