When it was time to pick a name, we had to have this big democratic pow wow over Perrier and falafel where everybody submitted like 10 names and we narrowed them down. Our drummer Tod actually came up with the name My Favorite, but I was a strong supporter. I don't think he had any particular reference in mind, he just has a very strange way of putting things and a particular sense of humor. Some of the, ahem, more interesting names we came up with which were not quite up to snuff were: Poetry Sale, The Chelsea Girls, The O.K. Demons, and Blue Movie - which we actually played our first show in someone's basement as.

I liked the name My Favorite immediately even though it is quite awkward and make for funny intro from DJs - "That was umm, My Favorite we just heard, umm the band My Favorite that is, who are not actually my favorite, umm though they are OK I guess." To me the name represents the idea that pop music at its best, can be something which becomes quite personal and valuable to someone, a badge that represents certain things about themselves and their lives. The main feeling that group or a song is their "favorite", that it truly belongs to them. That is how I felt about the groups I listened to as a teenager, and making music or art that can comfort or inspire people that way is my highest aspiration. So the name serves as a reminder to me of those young ideas, the reasons I started making music in the first place.

by Michael Grace