Love at Absolute Zero CD/LP
Double Agent Records, 1999

· Absolute Zero
· Absolute Beginners Again
· 17 Berlin
· The Truth About Lake Ronkonkama
· Let's Stay Alive
· Go Kid Go
· Modulate
· Party Crashers
· Between Cafes
· The Informers
· Working Class Jacket
· You Belong With Us
The long awaited first album is a wounded beauty, staggering home, intoxicated with lonliness, isolation and desire. Coupling new end-of-the century versions of their provocative indie 7"s with seven new tracks combining paranoid new wave, plastic soul and weary punk-rock, "Love At..." manages to form the schitzaphenic equator of My Favorite. Theirs is a haunted suburban landscape of industrial parks, seaside towns, dark parkways and sacred basements. In this world the unsettling boot-stomp of "17 Berlin" can give way to rainy hallucinations of lust, the blipping loop of "You Belong With Us" to a most tangible declaration of love. This record is a paradox made true through belief in impossible things. Order it from