michael's communiqué #8

"The most painful state of being is remembering the future, particularly one you can never have"
-Soren Kierkegaard

So if there is one thing I should have learned from the difficulties of my life, it is that I should never put my art before it. I should never forget that Grace comes after Michael and not before. Sometimes I feel things, picture things, phrase things in my mind in such away to open myself up to beauty, to insight, to healing, to memory...but what is in my soul needn't all go on the page. And although every song I've written comes from something real, there is a difference between life and art...and recently I forgot that in writing one of these. For in what ever ways I have sometimes felt cursed, I have been blessed many times over with amazing people in my life. And regardless of where each of our journeys has taken us, I wish each of them only happiness and never hurt.

If there is one "message" to be taken away from the new record it is this. Although we may have been formed in part by books, and records and long walks beneathe grey skies...we are more than the sum of these parts. In fact we are something so bright and beautiful that the darkness tries to cling to us out of envy. Live your life, trust your heart. Stay lost as a means to be found. And when you have the chance to be happy, when your heart races and your palms sweat, grab that which is before you and don't let go.

The Kierkegaard quote is an amazing one...because the worst thing to have happen is to lose a chance to live and find happiness because the gaps in one's courage seemed too wide to leap. To live with regrets for chances not taken. Someone recently told me that a leap of faith could change two lives. It is to her whom I apologize the most. And may I fill the gaps in her courage with something strong and something warm. For if a leap is not possible, then perhaps a stroll towards me is.

With rosaries and Earl Gray,
Michael Grace jr.


So thanks to everyone who braved some artic temperatures to join us on the 18th and 19th. The show at The Pussycat Lounge was a lot of fun despite the fact that the strippers where segregated from the hipsters. Still the kids looked quite sexy and au naturale which everyone prefers. I needed a good sleazy night out and while this one was still PG-13 it satisfied. Watery beer in plastic cups coming out of a strange ancient looking tap. The Somnambulants dancing like electrocuted souls. The Russian owner gave us all sex, drinks, and rock 'n' roll t-shirts. The next night at The Mercury Lounge was nerve wracking. The first two bands, were, well, not my cup of earl grey. And it seemed as though all of you had stayed home underneath your flannel sheets to watch porn or PBS. Then about 30 seconds before we hit the stage you flooded in. Molto Grazie. The sound at the club is really good. They had cider on tap and the lovely Claudia G. came down which always makes my evening. New song 'God Save The Runaways' felt really good. I just realized I did not even talk about the shows with Boz Boorer. Maybe next time. I was just more in a prose and woe period this time. Imagine that. I'll write before we leave for frozen Midwest action.

Michael Grace Jr.